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  • Ana Marco

The Keys' Corner is moving!

Hello! After a long time without posting on The Keys’ Corner (which I have missed so much!) I come with big news! Life has gotten busy and exciting lately, and I would love to share a bit about this journey with you.

As a pianist and teacher (and, to be honest, also as a person in general) I have always been enthusiastic about learning new things and getting into new fields that might bring me to new learning paths. Last June 2023 I graduated from a Master’s in ArtEZ University of the Arts in The Netherlands, where I live now. After a Bachelor’s in Spain where I mostly focused on my piano technique, musicality and performativity, I jumped into a Master's where the word “artistry” would pop up in my mind every day. This brought me to explore some facets that I hardly experienced before. At the end of this Master’s, a work research had to be presented together with a piano performance. Even if I knew for sure that I wanted to give a solo recital in which I could share who I really am as an artist, I wanted my research work to be focused on my piano teaching vision.

My teaching passion started when I was 16 years old. I studied piano in a village near Alicante, Spain, and I gave my first private lessons to some young kids who admired me as a performer and wanted to learn piano from me. At first, this was very shocking to me. However, soon I understood that performing was a great way to share music, but teaching it was the most pure and direct way to do it. It was not only about communicating through music, then it was about communicating and teaching how to communicate to spread the power of music on a much bigger scale. And that is the reason why since then I am crazy about teaching piano and music in general!

But the point of this post is actually a bit different. Lately, my life has gotten busier than normal (and to be honest, also more exciting and enriching!). I am teaching piano in two fantastic schools in The Netherlands and I am also giving a few private lessons at home. I belong to a Noia Trio (violin, cello and piano), Don·nes Trio (violin, saxophone and piano), Sabina Duo (cello and piano), and a quatre mains piano duo will come soon! Also, I love researching piano education, piano performance, the world nowadays and the power of music in it, etc. All these research topics have been shared in this blog for some time, and I can’t be happier that a lot of enthusiastic people joined this community and subscribed to my newsletter.

Lately, keeping all my personal and professional projects at a high level and being constant with The Keys’ Corner was starting to be a bit overwhelming. However, the good news is that after reflecting and reflecting (and because I can’t stop doing something that I’m passionate about), I came up with a great idea: THE KEYS’ CORNER IS MOVING!

Since some years ago, I have had a professional website where I share my CV, a gallery with videos and photos, projects, information about my piano lessons, etc. So, I had a lightbulb moment: why not merge The Keys’ Corner with my website? The blog will actually work the same way it was doing so far and people could just subscribe to a mailing list to receive information about the new posts.

If you are already subscribed to The Keys' Corner and you would like to keep being updated about new posts related to piano education, you don't have to do anything, as your information will automatically move to my website. If you would like to unsubscribe, you can do it on the email you received from The Keys’ Corner’s newsletter.

If you are not subscribed yet and you would like to do it, you can do it by visiting and filling in the subscription form on that page.

Thank you so much to all those who accompanied me on this journey. There will be more exciting news coming soon!





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