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Get to know The Keys' Corner!

Hi! I am Ana Marco Pérez, pianist, piano teacher and creator of this blog.


As a pianist, I have always thought that my main aim when making music is sharing in one way or another. Very soon, I realized that playing the piano in a concert was one of the best experiences I could live, but it wasn't the only way to share music.

Some years ago, I gave my first piano lesson to a child. I went to his house, expecting to give him a lot of content and discipline and transmit him all the knowledge I could. However, when I started the lesson I tried sharing my passion and treating music in the most spontaneous and true-to-myself way I could, just because another way didn't feel natural for me. I realized that I could just communicate with this child by using music as a language, letting him use this language from the very first lesson. From that moment, I started being very interested in pedagogy and educational approaches.

I started my piano education in Spain, finishing my Bachelor in CSMA (Zaragoza) and I recently graduated from a Master in Classical Piano in ArtEZ University of the Arts in Zwolle (The Netherlands). As part of the Master, I had to research about a topic I am passionate about. Of course, my choice was clear from the very beginning. I wanted to make piano education grow and researching was a great starting point.

And there is where "The Keys' Corner" was born! The goal is creating an open space in which I share the process of my neverending research: thoughts, ideas, reflections, articles, materials, new perspectives... I would love this space to be a community in which everyone can do their bit and contribute to a better piano and music education, so feel free to comment on the posts and give your points of view, as your opinion matters!

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Do you want to know more about me as a pianist and teacher?

Visit my professional website to know more about my career, take a look at some recordings and know about upcoming events.

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